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Byam Shaw Art is a partnership founded on a desire to discover emerging talent, bring new art to the market and nurture the careers of up-and-coming artists.

At the core of our practice is the belief that the future of art is constantly unfolding in the hands and minds of true creatives, driven by passion and innovation. We are dedicated to finding these extraordinary artists and supporting their development by bringing their work to art lovers and enthusiasts.

Our carefully curated exhibitions and events not only bring the most exciting new art to our audience, but provide a creative space in which artists and collectors can gather. 

To find out more about upcoming events, visit the Byam Shaw Art calendar: Click Here


ELIZABETH BYAM SHAW - Director and Co-Founder

Elizabeth's early interest in art developed into a passion for supporting young artists as she watched her fellow creatives struggle to establish successful careers. Before co-founding Byam Shaw, Elizabeth directed Pintora Art - an online gallery - from start-up and oversaw three successful exhibitions in London.

Elizabeth has gained a broad experience of the art world in various placements including at Philip Mould Fine Art Gallery in Dover Street and Gagosian. Elizabeth obtained a First Class BA in History of Art at University College London in 2013.


FREDERICK ARDLEY - Director and Co-Founder

Frederick discovered his love for photography in 2011 when travelling in the Nepalese Himalayas. This soon developed into a passionate business, working for various companies in the industry such as Sigma Imaging and Hahmnemuhle. 

With the success of creating limited edition prints for clients across North America and Europe, he looked to opening a photography gallery in the UK. This led to the more exciting prospect of teaming up with Elizabeth and start a broader and more ambitious art partnership, Byam Shaw Art.