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Born in Cheltenham, Rose began painting at the age of 12 when her art teacher gave her a box of oil paints and she decided to copy Monet. Rose went on to study art at Edinburgh University before receiving a scholarship to attend the Prince’s Drawing School in London where she was awarded a prize for drawing.

Having completed her studies, Rose co-founded “The Owl Barn” artist residency in Gloucestershire – a community space for artists, makers and thinkers to develop their creative practice and engage with local community groups. She has since undertaken an artist residency at The First Food in Mexico, travelled around Scotland painting, and most recently went to Uganda to share art with refugees from the Congo.




Rose continues to produce work at her studio in Gloucestershire. Her classical training and knowledge of art history informs her practice, but the influence of folk culture and an interest in the subconscious is evident in both her abstract and figurative work.

In my view the best paintings bring the subconscious to the surface - envisaging the moods and energies involved in both mysteries and profundities. I like to explore how art can unwind and unknot the complexities of our society and provide channels by which we can reach resolutions to the questions within us. As a travelling painter, place is of great importance to my work, and I use painting to unravel the essence of a place and portray what it unlocks in me. I hope you enjoy them.



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Winter 2006 - Hide and Seek, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Summer 2009 - Scateraw, hosted by Richard Demarco CBE, Dunbar

Spring 2012 - Paintings of Plenty, Owl Barn Residency, Gloucestershire

Summer 2012 - A Change of Art, The Tallet, Gloucestershire

Summer 2014 - Field, Casa Espacio Alternativo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Winter 2014 - Journey to the Isles, Ingelow Gallery, London

Summer 2015 - He, She or They, Pintora Art, London

Autumn 2015 - An Industry to Create: Abstraction Dimension, Ingelow Gallery in association with Art Licks, London

Winter 2015 - Tangled Roads: Journeys of the West Coast, joint exhibition with Alex Goodman,     Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester

Winter 2015 - OM Art group exhibition, Marlborough College Gallery, London

February 2016 - Crustaceans, The Tallet, Gloucestershire